Beyond Classroom


  • UKG Convocation Ceremony

A graduation programme to upgrade for UKG students to 1st STD having their step of success


  • Fruits Day Celebrated

A special day to exhibit different fruits brought by KG kids in order to identify their names, colour, taste, vitamin content, importance etc. This exhibition is mainly conducted in the month ofFebruary and through this encourage them to have more fruits in summer season.


  • Arts Day-   “CALANDRA”

A talent hunts for exhibiting various abilities hidden in a child.


  • Sports Day - “TORRANCE”

A Torrance fest for testing the physical fitness, & mental strength in indoor and out door games and also to build up a sports man spirit in children.



  • Study Tour

A short picnic to acquire knowledge on nature and man- made things.


  • Picnic

An amusement programmeto have mirth and happiness in visiting places.


  • National  Talent Reward Scholarship Exam

An intelligent zone for the students to prove their talents.


  • Club Activities
  •       :   A hub of Communicative language through activities.
  •          :   A Floor has experimental skills.
  •          :   An exploration in social activities like Learning                      Disorder, Anti-tobacco etc.
  •         : Promote health &  physical well-being.


  • Music Junction

A music station similar to a Radio FM station to make the lunch break melodious along with a platform to improve comparing skill.


  • Zero Period

A teacher-student interaction time to share love and concern and to explore the talents of each student.


  • Meditation time

A tension releasing method which helps the students to accumulate their confidence level through breathing techniques of yoga.


  • Language learning period

A Language improvement programme for students through newspaper reading.


  • Remedial classes

A special coaching for academically backward students.


  • Insurance Scheme

Accident claim insurance facility for students.


  • Out Door classes

A synchronization of nature and study to know about surroundings.


  • Batch system out of classroom

A systematic arrangement of classes dividing students in to two batches

according to their arrival time.


  • Health check up

A medical camp is arranged every year to check the fitness and well being of students as a part of health club.


  • LKG January batch

An ice breaking session for new KG students to get accustomed to school atmosphere and activities.


  • Yoga & Aerobic Classes for parents

An embarking project for the parents to practice yoga and Aerobics for being robust and happy.


  • Red Cross society

A social welfare programme among the students to make them aware of social activities.


  • Charity-Fund Collection

 A unique ‘Power of 2 Rupee Campaign’, has been started by the School students in association with TGM Junior Red cross. Each student of the School saves Rs. 2/- from their pocket money on every Wednesday. The School collect the money on behalf of Social Club and they use the amount for social service activities like helping  cancer patients, AIDS patients  , campaigning, help for palliative care unit , one day meal etc.



  • Class & School  Magazine:

A compilation of different zones to open the horizon of wide knowledge.


  • News Letters:

A miniature of newspaper which contains events and activities of school released by each club.


  • Monthly News Letter By Social Club

A specially arranged booklet including general knowledge and important facts.


  • Training  programme for students:

A compulsory programme for students to promote their mental development and to increase confidence level.




  • Training Programme for parents  :

A relevant programme organized to get awarenessinday to day matters like parenting, health, nutrition etc.

  • Cooking Classes:

As a part of work education, students are specially trained for cooking , stitching, gardening etc.


  • Cadence of love:

A program to visit home & share the love and respect to parents & grand parents.


  • Parent login facility:

Around the clock online support for parents.


  • SMS and email alerts for parents


  • 24hrs CCTV Camera Surveillance:

In all classroom and Campus for students safety.


  • Escort pass & Register system:

So as to ensure students safety


  • Specially designed assemblies:

A discussion on GK, scientist review , book reviews, multiplication table, grammar, world around us , class assemblies, mass PT etc.